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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


If it wasn't for Akua, I'm not sure I would have been writing this. I sometimes wonder if I could ever write anything meaningful again.

What a Weekend it was! Friday started just fine.After dropping the wee ones off at school,I quickly dashed back enjoying the N1 road and had a mean 4hour mixing session on my decks . Then the annoying editing and producing session for another hour.I get surprised when people assume being a DJ is just as simple as ABCD..for your info,it is not. Anyway,back to the matter, before I could say, 'quajo',it was already time to leave for toontoom studios for show prep before 'the weekend warmer on radio. Sammy B and I always jell well,and 'fooling' a bit on the radio gladly brought some laughter into the hearts of people.

Saturday morning saw me sleeping a bit till it was time to pick my man Kojo to the Airport. We got to the airport 5 min before the advertised closing counter time only to realize that it had been closed earlier. Our cries of what was right fell on the deaf and rude ears of rude Edna of Antrak Airlines who not only ensured that she gave away one seat of the presumed full plane but rudely went about her business and totally ignored us. Her attitude Totally reeked of that terrible GH-I-am-doing-you-a-favour-way.
In Ghana,having connections does help,with a Phone call,we were whisked in a car to Kumasi. Meanwhile the organizers of the party were getting agitated because we had missed our flight. Joining Panji,Yaa Pono in a convoy we drove to Kumasi and arrived at the party grounds at 11pm exactly. What a party!
I was done by 4am with Yaa Pono and EL ripping mics and proceeded to Vienna City to meet the rest of the crew there.
Sunday saw us driving back to Accra to mash up the Legon beach jam.
Got back home at 12am Monday morning.
Well Im done filling you in on what went on last weekend. Let's see what happens this weekend.Enjoy yours.

Monday, February 22, 2010



The importance of fire is being stressed these days. From small to big reddish devilish looking fires, they either devour or cook for man. Either way sorry to the Rawlings’ and the other ministries who felt the wrath of fire.

I am writing away in my little studio where I am at peace with myself. This past week has been full of turmoil and unwanted news but on the music scene where I belong.

Last Friday at CKE was off the chain, all the students from 3 universities were there wriggling away on all floors of the building to amazing music. So I pumped in 4 hours of dance music till 4 am. Earlier on, I was on the radio with Kwame Bampoe laughing our heads of to silly stuff and good oldies. You can tune in every Friday from 8PM on Joy99.7FM and enjoy Friday harmony.

Saturday evening was ok cos I love my openhouse party set and enjoy doing a different thing. You can check out my play list here at http://joyfm.myjoyonline.com/mrblack/playlist/defexteller.asp

The Ghana music scene is buzzing again as the awards draw closer, I forsee a lot of awards for Sarkodie, I hope bradez win something considering their rough year. Will Ruff n Smooth win an award this year? We wait and see.
Got to pen off here to attend to BLACKSQUAD DJS.

Peace out……………………………………..HIS BLACKNESS

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Music and xmas in the motherland

The weekend and Christmas is almost here and people are already looking at the fowls in the neighborhood with the evil eye(you know what I mean) causing natural migration of birds to the North.Happy holidays to each and everyone especially my fufugang on twitter.(i will explain my love for fufu later)

Anyway,let me just fill you in on what His Blackness has been up to.Been to gigs in Monrovia ,liberia ,etc and I must say it was a nice Experience...shout outs to Dejavu Night club for holding me down.The recent jam was the sh*t even though security freaked me at the airport because they had discovered a toy gun left by Lil Bleezy in my bag.

Anyway,the night before the flight, I was busy on the decks at the Joyfm night with the stars....some had issues with it, some did not.Well all I can say that, it wasn't easy organizing it ,considering the ego of some of our artistes.Like everyshow in the GH , everyone has a problem and a solution but cannot even organize or make their bed.

DJ Black is working fervently on TOONTOOM RADIO : Mixtape vol 2 which will be huge work. It features everyone.. expect a brilliant album.

I wanna shoutout M.anifest on his good and hard work,I just downloaded the birds and the beats and its awesome.keep on with the good work.

So what do you think of the state of the Ghanaian music scene now? With the entrance of new artistes like Eazzy,OJ Blaq,etc who want to revolutionize the music scene whilst new acts like Ruff-n-Smooth,etc copy our Naija people, I simply detest that thingy.(you can disagree with me) Are we so clueless that we now adopt Naija words and style in our music in addition to the degrading copy of their Movie themes and style? Its so pathetic and uncreative !!!

I miss days when i looked forward to albums from people and hung on their every word when ATCQ, Delasoul,KRS-1,Grouphome, Redman will make me think with lyricism and witty words,........today cats like JAY-Z ,Kanye,SouljaBoy,Drake,LilWayne ,etc say they are the ish but fail to excite me when i listen to their albums.Without autotune and someone singing(which they all have) the song will be wack.I dare you to challenge me.Compare it to the golden era........hmmm? I don't mean to say the albums are not good, they are ok, but if it fails to excite me like doggy style or a proper nas would,then whats the point,it might well be a pop song.If you were born a few years ago,please go back to the classics.

Anyway,i have lots of appearances ,gigs,mixshows,radio mixtapes,etc to sort out so I will definitely keep you in the loop.

These are just the simple words of a modern Ghanaian DJ living in Accra.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hey members,

I know it's been like ten years since you head from ya favorite DJ.
How have you been yourself. well. let me try and fill you in as quickly as I can.

Been spinning along the coast of West Africa and sending mixtapes all over Africa.It's not easy trying to promote your skills and music from good Artistes who are trying to get their hustle on.So please support in anyway you can,if you want your logo's or your drops or your mini ads or whatever, holla at your boy.

I went to monrovia, Dejavu night club,courtesy my boy Elle and Emeka holding it down.It was a cool flight and I saw a DC boy on the flight who made it smooth by giving me a triple order of 'something something'.The club was quite an experience as people held it down till 6 in the morning.

The Open House party held at Cinderellas made night clubbers and music lovers dancing and going bonkers like never before.....Reggie Rockstone,Efyah,VIP,and more really got crazy especially when we reminisced with some old school hilife and classic hiphop( you know what i mean..not some corny sh*t)It went on till 4 am live around the world and I wanna say shout out to everyone who listened that day.

Shout outs everyone who are subscribed to djblack podcasts ,yu can get it at djblack.podomatic.com .

The Joy fm night with the stars 9 is coming on on the 27th of November at the AICC and we sure are holding it down. I missed last year's as I was in the southern part of the continent.so this year, I wanna have fun...it will be crrrrrrrrrazzzzzyyyyyy!!!!! LOL

Been following what's been happening on the entertainment scene.Shout outs to all my hardworking people in the industry....shout outs to Reggie rockstone for your nee office, I am glad and I know DJ Rab is sure glad too,finally a place that you can rap, dance and watch meet all your friends too.

Shout outs to M.anifest for all your efforts, it's amazing and i AM DROPPING the new single you gave me, bird ans beats...eh?

I am currently feeling these songs now and it plays in my head, my ipod,Nokia N97 all the time.
Pdiddy - dirty money
Drake,lil wayne, eminem,kanye -forever mine(talent)
snoop ft the dream - gangsta luv( i wanna crip walk all the time)
50 cent ft neyo - aby by me ( i love his song)
Jay-Z ft Alicia keys -empire state
mario ft gucci mane -break up, and more...you can follow my playlists at www.myjoyonline.com/mrblack

ah..for more check me out on HITZ103.7 FM every saturday where I drop mixes ,new, classic songs and interesting skits from 6 -8PM ...you can then follow me into a crazy party on JOY99.7FM from 8 PM -12 AM...oh yeah,that's the way it is with His Blackness.............. and download my podcasts........it's amazing getting love from

Kualur lumpur
North Carolina
Los angeles
French Polynesia

...yeah...the longest newsletter ever.....i BROKE THE RECORD ....LOL.... shout out to Akua Asiedu who keeps me on my toes to write newsletters and recently nana Brennya.....hope to hear from you...and till you hear from me in the next newsletter..PEACE !