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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Music and xmas in the motherland

The weekend and Christmas is almost here and people are already looking at the fowls in the neighborhood with the evil eye(you know what I mean) causing natural migration of birds to the North.Happy holidays to each and everyone especially my fufugang on twitter.(i will explain my love for fufu later)

Anyway,let me just fill you in on what His Blackness has been up to.Been to gigs in Monrovia ,liberia ,etc and I must say it was a nice Experience...shout outs to Dejavu Night club for holding me down.The recent jam was the sh*t even though security freaked me at the airport because they had discovered a toy gun left by Lil Bleezy in my bag.

Anyway,the night before the flight, I was busy on the decks at the Joyfm night with the stars....some had issues with it, some did not.Well all I can say that, it wasn't easy organizing it ,considering the ego of some of our artistes.Like everyshow in the GH , everyone has a problem and a solution but cannot even organize or make their bed.

DJ Black is working fervently on TOONTOOM RADIO : Mixtape vol 2 which will be huge work. It features everyone.. expect a brilliant album.

I wanna shoutout M.anifest on his good and hard work,I just downloaded the birds and the beats and its awesome.keep on with the good work.

So what do you think of the state of the Ghanaian music scene now? With the entrance of new artistes like Eazzy,OJ Blaq,etc who want to revolutionize the music scene whilst new acts like Ruff-n-Smooth,etc copy our Naija people, I simply detest that thingy.(you can disagree with me) Are we so clueless that we now adopt Naija words and style in our music in addition to the degrading copy of their Movie themes and style? Its so pathetic and uncreative !!!

I miss days when i looked forward to albums from people and hung on their every word when ATCQ, Delasoul,KRS-1,Grouphome, Redman will make me think with lyricism and witty words,........today cats like JAY-Z ,Kanye,SouljaBoy,Drake,LilWayne ,etc say they are the ish but fail to excite me when i listen to their albums.Without autotune and someone singing(which they all have) the song will be wack.I dare you to challenge me.Compare it to the golden era........hmmm? I don't mean to say the albums are not good, they are ok, but if it fails to excite me like doggy style or a proper nas would,then whats the point,it might well be a pop song.If you were born a few years ago,please go back to the classics.

Anyway,i have lots of appearances ,gigs,mixshows,radio mixtapes,etc to sort out so I will definitely keep you in the loop.

These are just the simple words of a modern Ghanaian DJ living in Accra.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hey members,

I know it's been like ten years since you head from ya favorite DJ.
How have you been yourself. well. let me try and fill you in as quickly as I can.

Been spinning along the coast of West Africa and sending mixtapes all over Africa.It's not easy trying to promote your skills and music from good Artistes who are trying to get their hustle on.So please support in anyway you can,if you want your logo's or your drops or your mini ads or whatever, holla at your boy.

I went to monrovia, Dejavu night club,courtesy my boy Elle and Emeka holding it down.It was a cool flight and I saw a DC boy on the flight who made it smooth by giving me a triple order of 'something something'.The club was quite an experience as people held it down till 6 in the morning.

The Open House party held at Cinderellas made night clubbers and music lovers dancing and going bonkers like never before.....Reggie Rockstone,Efyah,VIP,and more really got crazy especially when we reminisced with some old school hilife and classic hiphop( you know what i mean..not some corny sh*t)It went on till 4 am live around the world and I wanna say shout out to everyone who listened that day.

Shout outs everyone who are subscribed to djblack podcasts ,yu can get it at djblack.podomatic.com .

The Joy fm night with the stars 9 is coming on on the 27th of November at the AICC and we sure are holding it down. I missed last year's as I was in the southern part of the continent.so this year, I wanna have fun...it will be crrrrrrrrrazzzzzyyyyyy!!!!! LOL

Been following what's been happening on the entertainment scene.Shout outs to all my hardworking people in the industry....shout outs to Reggie rockstone for your nee office, I am glad and I know DJ Rab is sure glad too,finally a place that you can rap, dance and watch meet all your friends too.

Shout outs to M.anifest for all your efforts, it's amazing and i AM DROPPING the new single you gave me, bird ans beats...eh?

I am currently feeling these songs now and it plays in my head, my ipod,Nokia N97 all the time.
Pdiddy - dirty money
Drake,lil wayne, eminem,kanye -forever mine(talent)
snoop ft the dream - gangsta luv( i wanna crip walk all the time)
50 cent ft neyo - aby by me ( i love his song)
Jay-Z ft Alicia keys -empire state
mario ft gucci mane -break up, and more...you can follow my playlists at www.myjoyonline.com/mrblack

ah..for more check me out on HITZ103.7 FM every saturday where I drop mixes ,new, classic songs and interesting skits from 6 -8PM ...you can then follow me into a crazy party on JOY99.7FM from 8 PM -12 AM...oh yeah,that's the way it is with His Blackness.............. and download my podcasts........it's amazing getting love from

Kualur lumpur
North Carolina
Los angeles
French Polynesia

...yeah...the longest newsletter ever.....i BROKE THE RECORD ....LOL.... shout out to Akua Asiedu who keeps me on my toes to write newsletters and recently nana Brennya.....hope to hear from you...and till you hear from me in the next newsletter..PEACE !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Living in Accra depicts what Nkrumah screamed in his hoarse voice ....'freedom, freedom'.

yeah, give me the name of a country that has freedom like we do.

just try driving on our road on a monday or tuesday afternnon and you will encounter freedom of driving onto lanes without warning.freedom of selling on the road, making driving on the streets of Accra as synonymous as studying Whodini's tricks.

anyway, I am torn between going to Citizen Kofi and Aphrodisiac night club for my live radio show.

I have to bounce now. catch u guys later.

Monday, October 26, 2009

DJ BLACK ft Okyeame Kwame , tattoo and Obour

Check out my weekend show with these GH rappers at djblack.podomatic.com

Monday, September 28, 2009

The toontoom blog

What a 2 week schedule it has been.

First I wanna say thank you to all those who subscribe to the newsletter and my podcast. Shout out to akua asiedu for keeping me on my toes. You say I should name it monthly newsletter so I have renamed it.

Let me start of with a summary of my recent episodes. The Busta Rhyme show was good even though I felt it lacked the usual busta Rhymes energy, thanks for the life of Spliffstar who has always been the best hype man. I can’t imagine I was on my feet for 9 hours.

Last 2 weekends was quite interesting. My radio show was banging as usual and the Open house party at the mall was quite interesting. The rich and might-up-folk of Ghana thronged the mall and luckily danced to the music and performances from mensa,kubolor,lynx music,dblack,kwakuT(I like re-invention).

After the mall show, me and my crew headed to Citizen kOFI to hold it down. I finished my set and drove straight to Akropong for the odwira festival. We got there around 4:30am only to see Kwame Sefa Kayi and some other TV personalities seriously ‘winding’ to serious…….wait….for …….it………highlife..LOL….yeah, I could not believe my eyes. Sefa-kayi singin away like there was no tomorrow. What a weather. It was cool and felt like some ‘l0nd0n’ weather’

Well. We got invited by some royal son who made available some Johny walker for the morning. Waakye and sleeping in Accra made the day.

Last weekend was slow for me even though my radio shows was off the chain, much love to Burn for the products. My listeners love give-aways and so I gave it them.

I gots to bounce . I am currently listening to

Redman’s dare is a darkside album,

Shyheims the rugged child

Mobb deep Juvenile Hell

Jay-Z’s the blueprint 3

L.O.T.U.G here comes the lords

Hey, Whitney and kwadee are all out with new albums…he…..he….he..please check 'em out

Remember to buy the Ghana club bangerz mixtape out now !!

and please respond to this...thats the whole essence of writing to you guys.........(sorry about the bluntness)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Newsletter again

My fingers are as lazy as i feel, it feels just like my African leaders....lazy....and selfish...and without foresight(hope I don't get whisked away).

last weekend was quite a learning experience and fun for me. Busta rhymes finally decided to come over,performing infront of his GH fans and here I was chatting with SpliffStar on stage about wether we could share the botttle of Moet and Chandon.The concert was not bad, I could not believe my eyes at some of ur artistes miming away and expecting me to hail them. anyway,thats for another day.
All in all, the show went well,Busta ripped it with his aide-de-camp.I was sore after the show for I had had to stand on my feet from 5 pm- 2am, and a previous 3 hour practice set.

There will be a part 2 of Ghana Bangers in stores soon. its the mixtape revolution. Till then have a nice week, its a long weekend and I am not missing out.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

weekly newsletter

Hello members,

How was your weekend and your Monday? I have always hated Mondays especially if you are a disc-jockey living in sub Saharan Africa…….. well I have managed to get up from my bed and drive with an unwashed car to work.

I have been up to some things and have also observed some stuff going around. Its amazing the things you observe when you shut your mouth and just observe. Well Obama came with and all the pomp and glory(minus the simple attires which I loved). Can you imagine if the wife of the most powerful man on earth was from our parts of Africa? Hmmmm, let me adjust my seat…………………….. uh huh !!!

The head gear alone would take the skill and wit of a proper born and bred Yoruba woman to tie whilst the lace or aso oke (pls correct me my Naija peeps) would be filled with diamonds proper….but oh no…not Mrs Obama..if you don’t understand…..you can google madam Obama on the net.

Ghana club bangerz is out now,please go buy a copy…I need for you to hear what our people in Ghana and ‘overseas’ are doing. Silverbird(Accra mall), osu, Community 11, airport shells and Smoothys are the places to check…… I sure I am gonna be bombarding you with mixtapes on mixtapes….assorted…some white , some black…….with your help of course…we can a project the name of the GH high….

After the advert above…lets get back to our little talk..Last weekend with r2bees was not bad especially as I was in a good mood. One of my Open House party producer Amanda Jissih( Jesus as we call her) decided to let us have a real party in the studio so I had my tummy filled with pizza and hunters dry……I could just not keep the energy down.R2Beez and the crew were just on it ..Check it out at www.qik.com/toontoom and watch it as it happened….thanks to ayo technology ( whattup 50cent!) you can witness greatness as it happens and when it happens by often checking it out as I go about my daily mischief.
The Open house party will soon be live in your neighbor as soon as soon as the rains stop deceiving us.

Citizen Kofi has been off the hook and it is the best place to catch His blackness as he plays music to a mature audience who not only love Koll and the gang but swing to Jamie foxx’s blame it and wind to gongo aso….i tell you.. meet me there every Friday and Saturday from 12:30am – 4 am.

Its time to check out as I hear my Programs manager holla….
Please respond to this newsletter as I love reading your replies.

Meet me up on the radio


Sunday, July 5, 2009

weekly newsletter

Hello ....How have you been? I have not sent you a newsletter in a while(guess it should be called the-blue-moon newsletters)......well I have been on the road 'chale', shows and shows....lemme fill you in as far as I can remember.

The past month has been hectic. My fellow big headed brother Bola sure was squirming in the seat , he didn't even wait for me to settle, he just upped and went on leave,leaving me to handle both DRIVE TIME which is on everyday 3-8pm. It's not a difficult slot but its time-consuming filled with interruptions, you know I like my sh** smooth and well spaced out.
Anyway, that's just me.

So during my time as the host I was under pressure from everybody ,my producers inclusive, I dreaded the call of Marcia my producer, cos she was just always on my case.making me read unimaginable things whilst clients ,my programs manager and General manager fussing if I attempted to, or played new music.

Then came the Bridal fair which saw me being whisked away to the AICC i.e Accra International conference center for a week........why..........? I had to do live transmissions from there(no wonder Bola timed his leave around June)....and it wasn't funny with a lingerie booth and beautiful ladies opposite you. it got confusing sometimes.

Last month also saw me take on a new responsibility....the DJ at Citizen Kofi.....the creme de la creme of Night clubs in the city.Enough said ,I am there every Friday and Saturday...come chill..........

Last weekend saw me interviewing Boris Kudjoe and his wife Nicole Ari Parker and Ibrahim sima and hosting Drive time again from the Ghana fashion weekend center at the AICC.

Its been busy......I am also happy to announce the newest member of blaqbone inc.. my man Stonebuoy.....be ready y'all !!.Please download my latest podcast which features stonebuoy and VIP tearing it off on the mic @ DJBLACK.PODOMATIC.COM and add some comments.

its amazing what you can do with the help of technology these days. Now you can follow me on WWW.QIK.COM/TONTOOM and watch me live from my cell phone as i STREAM SHOWS and interviews live . you can watch it straight on ya handset too.

sob sob.....this month we lost an icon..a legend .....it tore my heart in pieces when i heard it but hei what can you say when death comes knocking...bye bye Michael Jackson......

I hope I have filled your heart with enough fylla from my exploits....expect a new podcast this week which features Jay ghartey.

these are the words of a modern day Ghanaian DJ living in Accra.

how was yours?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another day, another week, another sweat

We must be blessed as Africans. despite the woes and mischievous of foreign media propaganda, we manage to smile. despite the sunning moves of our leaders we continue to smile.
I just don't know why its so difficult to trade, move and go anywhere on the African continent, it beats my mind. Anyway, I guess I am just a bit mad at the ongoing meeting on the economy or something at Capetown.

The solution is simple, break the barriers, unify our economy,feed the people on our own resources. It beats my imagination why our leaders can't stand for their own people but kowtow to pressures from their foreign counterparts.

The belief that everything that comes from the west is good is neither here nor here.Everything comes from Africa, believe it or not(you are entitled to your own opinion).Why such attention on Africa, this is the continent that has been stripped of its wealth, strength ,knowledge, dignity, this is the continent where we supposedly don't have history because , they who are just interested in conquering by the sword,gun and bombs, or by giving the people freedom as they say have looted everything and burnt our libraries.

Isn't it amazing that when the Lord of Hosts, the Alpha and Omega, the one and only true God decided to create a garden, he chose Africa.Now you see why everything about us is mysterious and why the plunderers , the Vikings,The Britons,the Romans who now parade in suits instead of helmets ,swords and currently guns, aids and grants still strangle the life out of Africa and are still looking for the garden of Eden?

Yet despite all this we smile when the sun rises and dance when it sets. I am really proud as an African and a very dark one for that matter. We the youth should encourage our leaders to think for the continent,unify it and practice self dependence....... I have to end here and continue my ramblings later......I just got an important call.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekend return

I have been preparing hard for my return to the radio this week.With all the pile of songs on my shoulders,I wonder how I am gonna satisfy everyone, but you know your boy's got the flava so I'll sail through.

The Ghana music scene is bubbling with new music from Tiffany,Jayso,Skillions , Sarkodie( obidiponbidi), and with my dude PY holding it down on bless the mic, you definitely know the gods of Hiphop will smile down in us soon so that one of us will get to know where the key to unlock the International door is. lol. its true, I love my GH Rap, man. So , yeah , expect moe of that on the Open house party this Saturday.

of course, Friday will see me dropping old classics like blocks of cement(very heavy delivery).

As a DJ in sub-saharan Africa, I personally think we work extra hard than the rest of our brothers outside the region, you might not agree with me but link up DJ Kwame, DJ Mensa , DJ Ubeatz and ask them how they survive amidst slow internet connection,unavailability of a record store, DJ equipment store, etc.

Enough of ranting, hey, I am excited to blast ya mind with awesome ,unbelievable mixes this weekend, pleezbeleevedat !

you can listen to my radio shows this weekend fridays and saturdays 8pm GMT on www.myjoyonline.com