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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


If it wasn't for Akua, I'm not sure I would have been writing this. I sometimes wonder if I could ever write anything meaningful again.

What a Weekend it was! Friday started just fine.After dropping the wee ones off at school,I quickly dashed back enjoying the N1 road and had a mean 4hour mixing session on my decks . Then the annoying editing and producing session for another hour.I get surprised when people assume being a DJ is just as simple as ABCD..for your info,it is not. Anyway,back to the matter, before I could say, 'quajo',it was already time to leave for toontoom studios for show prep before 'the weekend warmer on radio. Sammy B and I always jell well,and 'fooling' a bit on the radio gladly brought some laughter into the hearts of people.

Saturday morning saw me sleeping a bit till it was time to pick my man Kojo to the Airport. We got to the airport 5 min before the advertised closing counter time only to realize that it had been closed earlier. Our cries of what was right fell on the deaf and rude ears of rude Edna of Antrak Airlines who not only ensured that she gave away one seat of the presumed full plane but rudely went about her business and totally ignored us. Her attitude Totally reeked of that terrible GH-I-am-doing-you-a-favour-way.
In Ghana,having connections does help,with a Phone call,we were whisked in a car to Kumasi. Meanwhile the organizers of the party were getting agitated because we had missed our flight. Joining Panji,Yaa Pono in a convoy we drove to Kumasi and arrived at the party grounds at 11pm exactly. What a party!
I was done by 4am with Yaa Pono and EL ripping mics and proceeded to Vienna City to meet the rest of the crew there.
Sunday saw us driving back to Accra to mash up the Legon beach jam.
Got back home at 12am Monday morning.
Well Im done filling you in on what went on last weekend. Let's see what happens this weekend.Enjoy yours.