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Monday, November 24, 2008


I love vacations now and I appreciate it more.
everyone must have one, even if it is for 2 days.
any way pls check my diary on http://joyfm.myjoyonline.com/mrblack/diary/default.asp
and read all about my recent adventures.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ghana these days

Its amazing how our politicians take us granted.
They just under estimate our intelligence.
In Africa , most politicians resort to money, bribes, deceit,
anything to get into the 4X4 cars that do not go through normal traffic
but whizz by, in a hurry to do....................... nothing.
It's the same rough, untarred roads that we ply every day
to work,to school, to labour.
Today, even having fun is scary
one false move, and your bag,or throat is slashed.
we don't feel safe anymore.
Production is slow.....we might never reach..vision 2020 or 2030
if we don't speed up things.
Doing that is so difficult, because it takes the average African between 30 minutes to an hour
to get to work.
Going through traffic, dodging humans, amidst unintelligible driving is the order of the day.

It's that era again, when the Vultures come knocking on our doors with sweet words,
honey and incense to lure our thumbs.

Be wise my people, we need a leader who is courageous, God-fearing, smart,one with good priorities .........we need a Leader.

It's only the almighty who can give us such a leader.

Well that's how I feel this morning so I felt like writing it. enjoy it, but please post some comments to encourage me , people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Wow, I love Obama and the ideals he stands for but I am getting tired of 'Obama this, Obama that'' already.Let's get back to work. the chap himself says there's a lot to be done.

everyone should realize there's a lot to be done.I personally need to re-arrange a lot of stuff in my life,like my CD's. I need to convert all my CD's and LP's into mp3's, and its not funny,ask any DJ or music lover. as much its fun to discover a hidden classic,its sweaty and dusty too. its how you use the hidden gems that count.

I wish Obama well and to those who think manna is going to fall from heaven,think well for its gonna be sweaty,dusty and difficult but you will discover gems and hidden classics if you work hard.

I am back in the furious blogging mood so please come here often, I have a lot to say these days.

bye for now

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dj's words

I was listening to the BBC this morning, they were talking about short stories, the length of six word. Can it be also simple? If it is, then here is mine, Black pack your bags, leave now.

Let me tell you what’s been going on in the GH. These are the words of a modern Ghanaian DJ. I must say the African cup of nations was quite a spectacle, the whole world had cameras and satellites of all sorts focused on Ghana. It was all about colors, colors and colors. The Ghana flag did fly everywhere; it flew on cars, on hats, on faces, on t-shirts, on goats, and on babies who had no clue of what was going on. With all the noise about Ghana’s chances of lifting the Golden trophy on both local and international TV, radio, print, taxis and bars, the stalwart men, the Black stars could not, but they still brought a cup, it was just of a different color. If you are a Ghanaian reading this, you missed a whole lot of action, passion and crying. There were those proud Ghanaian moments when you just thanked the good lord that your flag indeed was a red, gold, and green with a black star in the middle. Anyway, the Pharaohs of Egypt took the trophy back for the sixth time. Congrats guys, you put a lot of balls in there.

I find it funny anytime head of states try to tell the nation what state it is in. you may disagree with me, but these dudes in power no nothing of the state of the nation. Last Saturday I was robbed at cutlass point and my hard earned iphone taken from me just like that. Reporting it to the police did not do anything, as I have still not got any call from the police to say, ‘Mr.Ampofo, we have the bandits in our custody, and your phone retrieved’. Instead the police man looked at us without a care in the world and it was as if we were disturbing him. Talk about the state of the nation. Robbery is on the rise, water and electricity supply is on the decline but we pride ourselves with these words-‘the future is bright’. Let’s all pray and hope that the Ghana we wish for will materialize.

Valentine is around the corner and surprisingly this year, the noise is non-existent. It’s as if the lovers in the GH are tired. With text messages and e-mails, people just don’t do cards anymore. I remember when Val’s day was such a fuss. Your ability to but the biggest teddy bear, or a huge card and a basket filled with all the sweet things in the world showed how romantic you are. If you made a mistake of sending just a card, you might be missing a partner afterwards. Anyway, I wish all of you a happy valentine’s day.

I will be back next week with all the ‘filla’ and juicy news of the weekend. Till then cheers