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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ghana these days

Its amazing how our politicians take us granted.
They just under estimate our intelligence.
In Africa , most politicians resort to money, bribes, deceit,
anything to get into the 4X4 cars that do not go through normal traffic
but whizz by, in a hurry to do....................... nothing.
It's the same rough, untarred roads that we ply every day
to work,to school, to labour.
Today, even having fun is scary
one false move, and your bag,or throat is slashed.
we don't feel safe anymore.
Production is slow.....we might never reach..vision 2020 or 2030
if we don't speed up things.
Doing that is so difficult, because it takes the average African between 30 minutes to an hour
to get to work.
Going through traffic, dodging humans, amidst unintelligible driving is the order of the day.

It's that era again, when the Vultures come knocking on our doors with sweet words,
honey and incense to lure our thumbs.

Be wise my people, we need a leader who is courageous, God-fearing, smart,one with good priorities .........we need a Leader.

It's only the almighty who can give us such a leader.

Well that's how I feel this morning so I felt like writing it. enjoy it, but please post some comments to encourage me , people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kwadwo said...

yh Mr Black,this is the status quo now.but we gonna show them this time round dat we've wised up.