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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another day, another week, another sweat

We must be blessed as Africans. despite the woes and mischievous of foreign media propaganda, we manage to smile. despite the sunning moves of our leaders we continue to smile.
I just don't know why its so difficult to trade, move and go anywhere on the African continent, it beats my mind. Anyway, I guess I am just a bit mad at the ongoing meeting on the economy or something at Capetown.

The solution is simple, break the barriers, unify our economy,feed the people on our own resources. It beats my imagination why our leaders can't stand for their own people but kowtow to pressures from their foreign counterparts.

The belief that everything that comes from the west is good is neither here nor here.Everything comes from Africa, believe it or not(you are entitled to your own opinion).Why such attention on Africa, this is the continent that has been stripped of its wealth, strength ,knowledge, dignity, this is the continent where we supposedly don't have history because , they who are just interested in conquering by the sword,gun and bombs, or by giving the people freedom as they say have looted everything and burnt our libraries.

Isn't it amazing that when the Lord of Hosts, the Alpha and Omega, the one and only true God decided to create a garden, he chose Africa.Now you see why everything about us is mysterious and why the plunderers , the Vikings,The Britons,the Romans who now parade in suits instead of helmets ,swords and currently guns, aids and grants still strangle the life out of Africa and are still looking for the garden of Eden?

Yet despite all this we smile when the sun rises and dance when it sets. I am really proud as an African and a very dark one for that matter. We the youth should encourage our leaders to think for the continent,unify it and practice self dependence....... I have to end here and continue my ramblings later......I just got an important call.

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