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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

weekly newsletter

Hello members,

How was your weekend and your Monday? I have always hated Mondays especially if you are a disc-jockey living in sub Saharan Africa…….. well I have managed to get up from my bed and drive with an unwashed car to work.

I have been up to some things and have also observed some stuff going around. Its amazing the things you observe when you shut your mouth and just observe. Well Obama came with and all the pomp and glory(minus the simple attires which I loved). Can you imagine if the wife of the most powerful man on earth was from our parts of Africa? Hmmmm, let me adjust my seat…………………….. uh huh !!!

The head gear alone would take the skill and wit of a proper born and bred Yoruba woman to tie whilst the lace or aso oke (pls correct me my Naija peeps) would be filled with diamonds proper….but oh no…not Mrs Obama..if you don’t understand…..you can google madam Obama on the net.

Ghana club bangerz is out now,please go buy a copy…I need for you to hear what our people in Ghana and ‘overseas’ are doing. Silverbird(Accra mall), osu, Community 11, airport shells and Smoothys are the places to check…… I sure I am gonna be bombarding you with mixtapes on mixtapes….assorted…some white , some black…….with your help of course…we can a project the name of the GH high….

After the advert above…lets get back to our little talk..Last weekend with r2bees was not bad especially as I was in a good mood. One of my Open House party producer Amanda Jissih( Jesus as we call her) decided to let us have a real party in the studio so I had my tummy filled with pizza and hunters dry……I could just not keep the energy down.R2Beez and the crew were just on it ..Check it out at www.qik.com/toontoom and watch it as it happened….thanks to ayo technology ( whattup 50cent!) you can witness greatness as it happens and when it happens by often checking it out as I go about my daily mischief.
The Open house party will soon be live in your neighbor as soon as soon as the rains stop deceiving us.

Citizen Kofi has been off the hook and it is the best place to catch His blackness as he plays music to a mature audience who not only love Koll and the gang but swing to Jamie foxx’s blame it and wind to gongo aso….i tell you.. meet me there every Friday and Saturday from 12:30am – 4 am.

Its time to check out as I hear my Programs manager holla….
Please respond to this newsletter as I love reading your replies.

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