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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Newsletter again

My fingers are as lazy as i feel, it feels just like my African leaders....lazy....and selfish...and without foresight(hope I don't get whisked away).

last weekend was quite a learning experience and fun for me. Busta rhymes finally decided to come over,performing infront of his GH fans and here I was chatting with SpliffStar on stage about wether we could share the botttle of Moet and Chandon.The concert was not bad, I could not believe my eyes at some of ur artistes miming away and expecting me to hail them. anyway,thats for another day.
All in all, the show went well,Busta ripped it with his aide-de-camp.I was sore after the show for I had had to stand on my feet from 5 pm- 2am, and a previous 3 hour practice set.

There will be a part 2 of Ghana Bangers in stores soon. its the mixtape revolution. Till then have a nice week, its a long weekend and I am not missing out.

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i like it