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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GHANA @ 50

GHANA @ 50

Ghana @50!! I tend to picture an old man in a kente cloth with a thick gold necklace, several gold bracelets, an expensive gold watch, traditional leather sandals . I visualize father Ghana at 50 to be a very wealthy man, a man so wealthy other men like Mr. U.S, Mr. U.K, come for loans, food and wealth, but alas that is not the case.

I am just a modern day Ghanaian disc- jockey who lives in Accra, and this to me is Ghana at 50, a wealthy country indeed yet not reflective on the average Ghanaian. It hurts me when I see people hustling, some going on strike, others snatching phone and maiming people in the process all in the name of trying to get some bread on the table. I know things will improve and the celebration next year will be a bang. The president has promised us a year long celebration; this is not a good thing to tell me, why? Come on…………….a year of festivities, seminars, parties, etc.I might be wrong, but I wish every Ghanaian prosperity, and to achieve the Ghanaian dream, it is only by a collective and unified effort that can propel us to the level that we want. What do we want? To be a world super power? To be able to boldly announce on CNN…’ Ghana has condemned the attacks in Iraq, Darfur and will be joining the nations of nuclear weapons’…………………….. how absurd to say this today.

Enough of my ramblings, how have you been? I have been away for a long time and not fed you your weekly dose of gossip. Well, Jay-Z came to Ghana finally to perform for sometime on stage at the International conference centre. When I got to the A.I.C.C jigga was already on stage with Memphis bleek. Behind the turntable was the evil genius D.J. green lantern (who I had met earlier in his hotel room), it was a good show, but I felt jigga wasn’t given us his all but all the same the dude had come to show us he existed. After watching for 25 minutes I decide to leave, here is a tip Ghanaians, always leave a program early or it will take you forever to get out, it works for me. After the jay-z show I have heard a lot of complaints, of artists who had to buy tickets for their dancers to perform, some not allowed to even enter the premises of the A.I.C.C, if these are true, then the organizers better continue with the strictness, I guess they have a good reason for pissing a lot of entertainers off.

Another show is just around the corner, the Joy Fm night with the stars. This program has always been hugely attended and never left the fans disappointed. I am so geared for the show I can already feel the turntable on my fingers. it is a day of fun, dance and an opportunity for Joy fm listeners and music fans worldwide to meet each other in flesh and bones.

You just finished reading something from the mind of a modern day Ghanaian D.J.


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