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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


‘Hacks, hacks’ ,’p.k.p.k’, ‘one for thousand’ , ‘yeeess,chips ‘ ,these little call outs are common in Accra these days. I live here and this is what I have observed. At least since 1985 I have lived in Accra and witnessed both tremendous and retrogressive changes. Well one of the changes is that when in a hurry to get to work, you can buy and make tea in traffic for breakfast or make some heavy light soup for dinner. Everything can be bought at traffic lights in Accra.

I really do not mind if they sell on the street or in stores. But I do mind if they impede traffic flow, I do mind if they shove their wares in my face. I swore to fix an air condition in my car years ago and I have not regretted doing so. As much as their presence irritates me and you, I sometimes cannot help to think from their point of view. What drives them to stand in the sun for such a long time? Is it the money? Is it the discovery of the traffic market? Is it just to survive in Ghana? Whatever the reason is, I think the Government should pay particular attention to this situation. From a D.J’s point of view, I believe something should be done, I mean, the quicker the better, I have a lot of ideas running through my mind but I leave it to the authorities, you can pass the message to them.

Ghana is going to be 50 in 4 months and the country is going to be flocked with foreigners and Ghanaians who have never been here before. This to me provides great opportunities for the country at large.

Now let me tell you what’s up on Ghana television. Tv3 has grabbed the attention of almost every Ghanaian on Sundays. Well it seems the part 2 of the tv3 mentor seems to be quite competitive and controversial. I mean, evicted participants fainting, judges quitting, and white men doing war dances on the show. However I personally think this crop of ‘wanna be stars’ are really talented, and if this continues Ghana will not have to depend on cocoa and gold for survival but voices and entertainment. Instead of exporting raw materials we shall export talents to countries for shows. (A dream)

These are the rants and raves of a modern day Ghanaian D.J. living in Accra. Hei I am off to the studio, catch you next week.

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