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Monday, February 22, 2010


The importance of fire is being stressed these days. From small to big reddish devilish looking fires, they either devour or cook for man. Either way sorry to the Rawlings’ and the other ministries who felt the wrath of fire.

I am writing away in my little studio where I am at peace with myself. This past week has been full of turmoil and unwanted news but on the music scene where I belong.

Last Friday at CKE was off the chain, all the students from 3 universities were there wriggling away on all floors of the building to amazing music. So I pumped in 4 hours of dance music till 4 am. Earlier on, I was on the radio with Kwame Bampoe laughing our heads of to silly stuff and good oldies. You can tune in every Friday from 8PM on Joy99.7FM and enjoy Friday harmony.

Saturday evening was ok cos I love my openhouse party set and enjoy doing a different thing. You can check out my play list here at http://joyfm.myjoyonline.com/mrblack/playlist/defexteller.asp

The Ghana music scene is buzzing again as the awards draw closer, I forsee a lot of awards for Sarkodie, I hope bradez win something considering their rough year. Will Ruff n Smooth win an award this year? We wait and see.
Got to pen off here to attend to BLACKSQUAD DJS.

Peace out……………………………………..HIS BLACKNESS

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