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Monday, February 8, 2010


Another weekend just flew by and I know it’s been a while since I wrote to Y’all. The water situation in the capital is serious, so serious that the deputy minister had to come and say the usual English which is ,‘blah blah blah blah blah’ . Isn’t it amazing how quick any tariff company will disconnect you if you default but are slow to solve problems? Well some head must roll, in that way, there shall be some sitting up.

Last Saturday, Sena the female MC, rapper, singer or simply a sick talent impressed the Open House party fans and listeners that as I write messages are still flowing in my box hollering for her to appear again…don’t you worry peeps.

Entertainment in the GH is slowing down a bit, maybe it’s the January fever or just that talents and artistes have been signed to companies, whilst others are huddled away in caves creating songs that need to elevate the GH. Kudos to KOD and his team for the Ghana loves Haiti concert. A little love for our Black brothers and sisters far away is good for everyone……

Have you heard about kwame Nkrumah Acheampong ,the only black man to ski and actually do well,now its official,blacks rule all sports ,he he he ..oh yeah….Kwame Nkrumah A also known as the snow leopard or so is making headlines everywhere…..now I encourage all Akims to leave the Birim River and now dare the snowy mountains, we can even go deep sea diving…ya dig?

Keep ya eyes glued here as I work on my greatest project ever.KUKURANTUMI:TOONTOOM MIX 2…it’s a must have and I know that in these days of technology you will be glad to have a copy in your hands, a classic,I know and feel it.

Well I got to go to my schedule of working as a copywriter and DJ skills. Peace out.

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