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Monday, July 16, 2007

Things I did

I keep on thinking; does anyone pay attention to the underground musicians? Does anyone know what is happening on the streets of lyrical Accra? Well, I know, because it’s fun to abandon one’s car and take a walk to places where raw talents exist.

Welcome to my diary.

One of the places to really check out for raw talent , the karaoke way is Karldoff at Tesano. Thursday night attract a lot of young Ghanaian youth. The microphone is just right, and I was not surprised when I saw a young lady I had seen earlier crooning away amongst the TV3 mentor contestants. Apart from the looming crowd on the street disturbing traffic, it seems an ok place to hang out.

The eve of independence day saw me at Dansoman City (DC), checking out a real street hiphop thing. I mean the last time I saw something like this was at Nima in the 90’s. Two turntables, cd deck and a microphone. My boy DJ Snoop had it going down, and I couldnot resist o put in some few scratches,chops and blends. I could not hold myself back when Shaolin monfunk(an underground rap group) grabbed the mic and started spitting raw hardcore hiphop. I was not surprised to have the crowd screaming and clapping. These dudes have their songs on i-tunes and were the first underground hiphop act to be win an award on Africanhiphop.com(proving all wrong that radio play helps sales)

Enough of DC.The music industry in Ghana is growing and even though we do not have record companies here, the producers and musicians are doing all they can to make sure one can dance and sing along to music made in Ghana.

Nuff said , will keep you posted

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