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Monday, July 16, 2007

what did I say?

I actual do not remember the last time I wrote down anything; forgive me dear reader (or scanner). Ghana has seen a lot of changes and events since we shared information.

Entertainment in the GH is quite exciting these days, I mean, we also have our fair share of incarcerated fellas. Daasebre ‘handsome’ Dwamena was in the docks for about a year. The dude was caught with some ‘coca’ in his suitcase in the UK, locked up, which had him supposedly writing 1500 songs (I am waiting to hear them). Another bright young fella, who nearly made it to Idols west Africa, Ramsey Noah, is behind bars for allegedly being involved in armed robbery. At least when Akon sings about being ‘locked up’; daasebre and Ramsey too can make a remix.

The Ghana @ 50 celebrations saw a whole lot of people trooping into the motherland. Live concerts and shows has flooded mother Ghana ever since the president decided we were going to celebrate it for a year amidst ‘light off’.

All African leaders stormed into Accra early this month to discuss in effect how to make Africa one and a better place to live in. what happened after the motorcades and the whole flurry? Erm….. nothing. I can’t still travel from Accra to Lagos without being harassed a bit. It’s our fervent prayer that something happens.

The month of July begins another half of the year 2007, and frankly already the year has its calendar full with ‘things-that-shook-the-world’.

I am definitely back, after a long break. Catch you tomorrow.

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