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Monday, July 16, 2007


I shudder with excitement and fear when I think of it;. Call me what you want,

but have you ever thought of it? When I mentioned it to a real hardcore

Christian pal of mine, he said ‘that would mean the end of the world’, in a way it

is true, with the current state of affairs of the world. Imagine a new nation under


Think about it, wouldn’t Africa be a lovely place to live. Under the U.S. of ‘A’, I

have no doubt that the continent would be an interesting place to live in. Holidays

in beautiful Kenya, skiing in south Africa ,swimming in Tanzania, Mountain

climbing in Egypt ,ah, countries would be states, imagine a sign post that

reads ‘Welcome to the Gold Coast –the wonderful state of Ghana’. I strongly

believe that all people of African descent would come ‘home’.

What if there was a United States of Africa? Blacks would fly to space in the

most pimped spacecraft ever seen by man. That brings a smile to my face, this

simple unification born out of Marcus Garvey and pioneered b the first Pan-

Africanists i.e. Lumumba, Du-Bois,Nkrumah, Haile Selassie ,Padmore, Kenyatta,

amongst others will be a dream come true by every Blackman.

Colin(my creative pal) believes and still is deeply rooted with the whole

George Clinton and his funkadelics. He believes that arts and entertainment

move the world forward; therefore the idea of G.Clinton in futuristic wears. I

mean, who would have thought that wearing colored locks and weird outfits

could create such a following. Today we have the Snoop Dogg’s and co.

The belief that Africans have always spearheaded mass world movements

makes the yearn for a united Africa even more appealing. Africa is the most

appealing place in the world. Without Africa ,I.M.F,the world bank and the bling

bling of 50 cent,Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang and Slick Rick will be out of

sparkles. Paul wall and Mike Jones would have nothing to sing about.

What if there was a United States of Africa? The population

of the other nations I imagine, would just deplete by half. I already see the planes

and ships working their way back home to the motherland. I doubt it if any person

of black origin would want to live elsewhere .What would be our

economic strength ? I implore thee to let your imagination run wild, imagine a

nation with such gifts.

Alas it is not like that, instead we have the African Union , E.C.O.W.A.S ,

the U.N. so I ask you again, what if there was a United states of Africa?

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